Our mission at Skip Stewart Costumes is four-fold, to provide the most creative costume designs, the finest manufactured costumes and the best customer service at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on being one with a producer's costuming vision and production budget.


Skip Stewart Costumes has 37 years of fine costume construction, along with a dedication to quality and a desire to create the best costumes available.


 “The best compliment I have ever received, I actually over heard.  I started working with a production company and had just delivered my first set of costumes.  During the costume parade, the wife of the producer leaned over to him and whispered…’this must be a new costume company…the costumes look as good as the sketches!”   At that moment I knew I was good at what I do.


Skip Stewart's Designs and Costumes have all the excitement and fun that is expected of a Professional Costume Designer and are always appropriate for your venue.  For YOUR next project  ...choose Skip Stewart Designs and Costumes.


Individual Production Style is the most important thing a costume designer can understand about his client.


Working closely with the Producer, Director & Choreographer is the only way to see the entire vision of what the show is going to be.  These three creative viewpoints, working as one inspired mind generate the ethereal thread the show is based on.   Skip:  “A good Costume Designer can blend the thoughts of the ‘Creative Three” into a wonderful costume design.


I only have one non-negotiable when I design a costume…Appropriateness.   Every costume I design is appropriate to the character an actor or dancer is portraying.  Hot, Sexy, Torrid, Demure, regardless of the theme, the design will be appropriate to the character, it will work physically for the performer and it will appear the way the Producer/Director/Choreographer wishes the character to look.  I follow the Vision of the ‘Creative Three’.


“I am never married to a design”.   There are endless ways to portray the look of a character and finding the one that suits the production best sometimes takes a “couple of swings” of the bat.  I start with what I call “quick sketches” and get a silhouette direction the producer likes  before I add detail.  Producers and Directors like that, it gives them more control from the beginning without losing time.


A Performer's ability to MOVE is the biggest concern when we build costumes.


Assembling a production team that sees the importance of quality and being on time and on budget with your project is paramount to the success of YOUR business. 


For 37 years Skip Stewart has dedicated his talents to manufacturing Quality Costuming for Entertainers & Professionals like you.


The Creative Construction Staff at Skip Stewart Costumes has years of fine costume construction training and experience, along with a dedication to quality and desire to create the best costumes available.


We offer a range of Price considerations to work with your budget.  Working with a Producer’s budget and supplying more than what is contracted for is what we do with every project.


Classic Design and fit, along with creative imagery makes our Costumes rise above others.  Always appropriate to the theme, our Costumes send the desired message from the first moment they appear on stage.

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Creating Costumes that put an Entertainment Company above their competition is what Skip Stewart does best.

Skip creates costumes that surprise, delight and entertain an audience the way YOU, a Producer want your costumes to speak to the audience.


“Fulfilling the ideas and visionary dreams of my client dictates my costumes…and ultimately my success.”  Doing just that, combined with coming in on time & on budget is what makes Skip’s clients the most satisfied.


A Word about Dance Costumes... "Dancer’s sing through movement and listening to the song of the dancer tells the costume designer how to create the costume they wear.  Anything else would mute the dancer."


Skip Stewart knows Dance Costumes.  He was trained by the best.  “Full range of motion is most important, even before design.”  


Dance & Acro-Stunt Costumes are all about showing the performer’s body.  “Showing all movement, every physical body line, the arcs and the continuous flowing shapes the performer’s body creates through movement, is paramount.”  


Skip designs all costumes for innate motion, even if the actor is just walking across the stage, so the actor may move naturally. “Every costume I design, I have a dancer’s movement in the forefront of my mind.”


Call Skip Stewart for Dance Wear
and Acro-Stunt Costumes.

Skip Stewart Costumes in Orlando has developed the ShowBright Lighted Costumes® for all types of Theatrical & Entertainment Costuming.  


ShowBright Lighted Costumes®  use “Intelligent LED Lights” built into costumes that not only shows brilliantly in any stage lighting, but they are also amazingly bright in daylight and even in outdoor Sunlight.


ShowBright Lighted Costumes® gives you 133 different lighting patterns with variant speed, a rechargeable power system and a remote controller for off-stage control of the lighting patterns so you can scroll through and use all 133 different lighting patterns during a performance.  (A Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery is also available.)


ShowBright Lighted Costumes® uses Intelligent LED “Pixel” lights.  Each of these individual Intelligent LED Pixel Lights have an on-board micro-chip that reads lighting instructions from the controller to tell the light when to light and what color to light to create the desired lighting pattern.


ShowBright Lighted Costumes® have few limitations and can be used in just about any style or costume design and can be placed in any pattern to create your desired costume effect.


Please call me, Skip Stewart at 407-895-5555 to discuss your next costume project to include my new ShowBright Lighted Costumes®.  This new costume lighting system will make your next Stage Entrance or Show Finale' the most audience-memorable ever.


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